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It is always an honor and a privilege for me to hear from my readers. I encourage you to reach out and share your results of doing Purpose and Intent Pages. I love hearing your success stories!

Thank you again for purchasing my book, and using it in your life.

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If you are part of an existing book group or another group and you would like to do a 45-minute Zoom or Teams call with the author, contact Arlene for details and fees. It is a requirement that the group members purchase and read the book in advance of the author group call. Arlene will spend 15 minutes talking about the book, then open the call up for Q & A and/or help people with how to word specific intentions.

Virtual Meeting

If you are in the Minnesota area and you are looking for a speaker for your church, business, or social group, contact Arlene for details and fees. It is not necessary to have purchased the book in advance, since we can have paperback copies available for purchase and/or information on how to order the paperback and eBook versions after the meeting.

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Even though there are no plans for future books at this time, if you would like to leave your email address, we will notify you when another book is in the works, giving you an advance notice of Launch Day Specials. If there are any events that are open to the public, we will also let you know. Your email address will not be used for any other purpose, or resold to any organization.

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We value your insights and perspectives! We warmly welcome your comments and feedback, as they play an integral role in shaping our ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional reading experiences.

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